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To verify your benefits, please call WebTPA Customer Service directly at 877-697-2299.
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Information for Providers

As an authorized Provider for the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System employees and their dependents, we recognize your desire to offer quality care while controlling costs. The Gulf Coast Medical Management team is available to work with you in assisting the members with access to the care they need in the most cost-efficient manner. This team consists of two RN Case Managers, a PA Chronic Disease Case Manager and a Pharmacy Case Manager.

Please contact the Gulf Coast Medical Management team for your SMHCS* patients who require any of the following:

  • Assistance with current Authorizations for surgical and diagnostic procedures
  • Assistance with referrals to out-of-network facilities and out-of-network physician providers when medically necessary
  • Care coordination between primary care physicians, specialists, and other providers with those having chronic disease conditions
  • Review of currently prescribed drug regimens where generic substitutions are appropriate

To contact the Gulf Coast Medical Management team directly:

RN Case Managers
(941) 917-4326
Pharmacy Case Manager
(941) 917-1473
Chronic Disease Case Manager
(941) 917-2956

To learn more about the tools used by the team to assist in care management decisions, click on About Us

* Please note … WebTPA is not the employee health insurance company. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System offers self-insured health plans to its employees. SMHCS contracts with WebTPA, a third party payor, to pay the healthcare claims generated by the employees and their dependents. You should contact WebTPA for assistance with the following questions:

  • Eligibility questions
  • Referral questions
  • Authorization questions
  • To determine if specific procedures, products, or treatments are covered under the SMHCS plans

How to reach WebTPA

Always refer to the phone numbers listed on the back of the patient's insurance card or go to www.webtpa for more information.

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