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To verify your benefits, please call WebTPA Customer Service directly at 877-697-2299.
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Member Services

The Gulf Coast Medical Management team services are available to all Sarasota Memorial Health Care System employees and their dependents enrolled in the hospital health plans. We encourage you to take advantage of the assistance offered by the Pharmacy Case Manager and Chronic Disease Case Manager. These programs are available to all those enrolled in the Basic, Comprehensive, and Extended Plans free of charge.

What is WebTPA?

WebTPA is not the employee health insurance company. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System offers self-insured health plans to its employees. SMHCS contracts with WebTPA, a third party payor, to pay the healthcare claims generated by the employees and their dependents. You should contact WebTPA for assistance with the following questions:

  • Do I need a Referral?
  • Do I need an Authorization?
  • Is this procedure, product, treatment covered under the Plan?

How to reach WebTPA

Always refer to the phone numbers listed on the back of your insurance card or go to www.webtpa for more information.

We encourage all SMHCS employees to use the WebTPA website for accessing information regarding eligibility and claims processing status. If you have not established a login account for the WebTPA website, please click here for instructions to create your personal account.

Your Navitus Information

By logging on to www.webtpa you can find helpful information about your pharmacy benefits.

  • Cost compare
  • Drug search side effects and interactions
  • Medication history
  • Pharmacy search
  • Claim forms
  • Formulary
  • Health info
  • Mail order
  • My prescription benefits
  • P&T committee updates
  • Prior authorization forms
  • Specialty pharmacy

Click here for directions to log into your Navitus account

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